Muni Funds holding well everything else in the toilet except BP. vanguard has new muni funds i don't know what to think about themI don't fully grasp muni bonds bonds are binding while, this I comprehend how will municipaliti mesh patio table mesh patio table es pay back bonds? will they build walls around the cities and enslave those who to work and work and offer % of their pay to pay back the bonds? or is there some other sort of plan to repay the debt of bonds? Gov't bailout money will pay muni obligations! Keep those printers warmed up, Fed. you stay in the OC, right? what happened to muni bonds as soon as County of Citrus declared bancruptcy? Beats the hell out of me. I could not own any. I have friends who work for the county, and as much as I love em, they're slackers. They're facing even more days now, so perhaps that's the way Orange Co is endeavoring to raise capital. I'd best get started reading my OC Register I get on the weekend.

amusing effort to recruit me ok first I'm not searching for a job and am very pleased of what I'm accomplishing, but this taken place recently... I got with a recruiter at a corporation that wanted to speak to me about a position. I was informed that with considerable effort it can be possible to fit my current pay. So out regarding curiosity I reviewed their website and found you will find many tech job postings on the list of were overseas.. like ~% and maybe. So why would I ever consider dealing with them even if I was ready for something, even someday? Episodes like this particular just make me happier where My organization is. Homeowners Facing Foreclosed properties Demand Recourse As lenders have reviewed 1000s mortgages for errors in recentmonth, more and further homeowners are stepping forward to mention that they was victims of bank mistakes and perhaps, demanding legal option. Some homeowners say the banks tested to foreclose even on a house that couldn't even have a mortgage. Others say food health shop food health shop they believed these people were negotiating with your budget in good hope. Still others say that even when they are delinquent on the mortgage payments, they deserve an appropriate to due method before being evicted. How to define the value connected with an older vehicle? My mom possesses a sl Mercedes convertible. It's who is fit and she's happy to sell it. My dad purchased it completely new in. How does she figure out the value? time honored car values in addition to local comparables for a product like that, you can search away from region or through to see what they've sold for. Be honest any time you evaluate the condition and do not put any sentimental value onto it. A "owner" car possesses a negligible effect relating to value anyway.

Can anyone here even have an accountant? On the SF bay space? Just wondering what he/she charges you actually. A friend of mine is terrible at managing this money. I he unquestionably makes enough nevertheless he's always running away from cash before short term and I would definitely suggest he get Same account everyday.... "a acquaintance of mine, " or "someone I am aware of has this problem. " Riiiigggghhhhttttt. Who offers a? Maybe it's her, maybe it's this friend. Stop wanting to be Grativo - you're undergoing it wrong. I don't really care so much for french chips, but I do enjoy refried pinto beans. Wha....? So what would probably I say on this situation? Nothing. I will say... "tell you/him to avoid BUYING S#IT YOU DO NOT NEED! Now has been that so darn difficult? " oiling wood furniture oiling wood furniture Don't will want an accountant. Apparent financial counselor! I'd sit down when using the guy with a joint of paper, a pencil, and a calculator, go over his finances, figure released what stays in addition to what gets cut, then at the pup for minutes straight to such a dumbass. My fee may be $ /hr.

. Antoine Walker pissed apart $ million Incredible. Not only had he lose virtually all his money however , he is huge amount of money in debt and even faces charges from passing bad checksHe didnt remove al his finances. Assume much? This individual owns houses, automobiles etc. I presume ownED say's the idea betterha! Just because somebody features a car in any driveway doesn't mean they own it. how much you would like to there are brilliant notes on all of those cars? If you may be way into cars and have absolutely that much money seems a great way to play itMillions of dollars struggling with debt??? Maybe he needs a bailout package way too. I mean genuinely it's know think about why this country is indeed fucked up. This guy serves given that the poster for the us government, Wall Street and 6 pack combined. And everyof the news analyzing precisely what went wrong at Wall Street, or what proceeded with the country's economy, or why we're taking place the fucking pontoons, has really to check no further when compared to what this mankind represents: the best example of sheer ignorance. I don't see him seeking help or anything at all He spent the item how he imagined. Man is from your projectsDo you imagine that with huge amount of money in debt, that he's actually planning to NOT declare bankruptcy to shield whatever assets he'll? Those are the guidelines going in Apparently his papa didn't teach your ex boyfriend finacial literacy on their drives to the particular vacation home.

about the recent NY planes crash. I hope they find out just what exactly caused it and do something to stop the software from happening once again. Pilot's fault, used autopilot in harshWhy did he get a minus??? You peo bathroom remodling cost bathroom remodling cost ple are idiots... It WAS the pilots' failing. The pilots were definitely, & years old. In icy conditions like that, they should not have been on auto-pilot. Sadly, it was inexperience which had been ultimately responsible to get deaths. if sully was initially there he may have soft landed that bitch on the thruway. laid up from the higher paid exp'd pilotsthank bushes,, clinton, and now IT IS THOSE PILOTS FAULTS NO COMPANY ELSE WAS TRAVELING BY AIR ALL THE OTHER PLANES LANDED ALRIGHT! SAME CONDITIONS! pilot was, not co-pilot was. He got negged for the reason that he's anit was icethe plane if you read the papers the typical heater thing connecticut accounting firm connecticut accounting firm ys of course wasn't enough, de., not pilots' faults. precisely why AUTO-PILOT was never supposed and pilot ought to have been flying manual in order to have quicker reaction time to meat sause recipe meat sause recipe the effects about icing. Don't read the papers, that information is more than hours old not relevant to information that was released today.

Remember every stock market recommended the was during great shape? Don't forget-? Doesn't seem that way long ago. That's given that the economy supported a stock market, not likely the printing press. means what? UE was first low UE was initially lower what complete we have these days? "QE BABY DON'T MISS THE WATERCRAFT!!! THE WORSE IT HAS GOT THE MORE STOKZ HAVE TO GO UP INTO!!!! "remember this stands out as the only recovery throughout modern history in which government jobs experience declined, and should they hadn't declined the UE rate might possibly be about right nowgovernment is too large alreadyregardless of whether you consider govt is "bad" or simply not, the the reality is that in past recoveries it planted and brought all the UE rate along not this timegovernment does not create jobs this drains them, notice how private sector expands (from your own personal claims) when govt shrinks.lining I expanded govt greatly and look at how a US bounc cheap snowboarding clothes cheap snowboarding clothes ed back within the s recession.

One of several big differences amongst the BHr's in here plus the intelligent people. The bhr's neg keen and honest posts as you move the the intelligent consumers neg the brainless that bhr's postYou simply just basiy said having it . intelligent that is wise since your blogposts are always nonsensical. your current response indicates any ignorance^^^^Ironyhandle IMP, falls short of the credibilty to get his own deal with.. LMAO what the loserCredibility? Ha, marijuana meet kettle! simpleton shill! Realtor experiences about housing are usually as impartial as Hooker's opinions about the legalization of.... and they also BOTH screw most of the clients!! I really don't agree, I believe the Realtors throughout here are in most cases aware and don't deny the problem of housing because it is. We just won't blow it beyond proportion.? it is actually? how do you understand this? by the actual morons in the following? I think we tend to who work throughout the business are more in touch using reality than you actually morons. I've sold above a million this current year without even struggling. YES here the place that the Median is E. So I imagine the media, home finance loan professionals and economist are common lying, huh? Granted the media if it's convenient for them to when there is an agenda to get pushed, but why would they have got a reason to lie about how exactly bad the market is and how it really is getting worse? Use your mind idiot. where has got any Realtor inside here said typiy the hoousing was terrific? I used to dispose of to million annually. Of course I just was working harder during those times and it weren't a market consists of short sales along with REO's. It had been a normalarket regarding buyers and companies. My point is were not theembellishing the reality and trying for you to ridicule others which can be simply telling reality. Bad news offers, but you retain believing the neg. press whatever you like.

ZIRP and even QE for anniversary There is absolutely no way out. Bernanke neglected. Bernanke didn't be unsuccessful... his objective was to reduced long term costs. He did this kind of. The economy is simply not under his handle. It never has been. It wasn't beneath 's either... an overall collapse of the usa dollar. Anybody with whatever wealth stored in dollars can be wiped out: * Retired folks * Anybody considering retiring yearly few decades * Any individual with any savings account accounts * Anybody that has a K/ * Any person with cash in their * Everyone that lent $ $ $ $ to anybodyCable is definitely lucky because she or he commands $M in debtHe'll lose his / her job, they'll take his or her stupid housit have already happenedHow could we tip strippers dollars don't stop in garter beltsslices of Just how many lappers can I get for just a slice of toast beefWith trillion dollars bills Happy meals can be trillion eachWow, then steps cheap. right today a happy diet is $s It looks like and a suggestion is $. It collapse sounds brilliant!!!!

Contains anyone ever been effective at Petsmart? How much qualifications do you require? I am trying to get a Petshotel associate and I don't need much experience by means of jobs. I am a pupil; do you think we can hire me? that is why, it's just an entry-level retail task no qualifications needed except a good approach, since they practice youi worked furthermore there in high i work with fish/birds/small and my spouse and i made around $ at least an hour in new hat. What I learned today ) Bitches shouldn't be searching jobs on MOFO. They only draw in PERVS ) Plenty of people hate Baby Boomers -- blame them for all oru Financial fears ) KM is stll an A new Hole ) is but they're still a flaming fruitcakeSF_BBW_Girl is usually a guy! Get out of Town!!!??? lacquer dining room lacquer dining room I'm still considering the purchase of panties^ I definitely will sell you my own dirty UnderwearOHHHHHH! TOP NOTCH DOLLA FOR PANTIES IS BACK!!! raises rate to but better I expect to have an account, I similar to it, its been a very good experience but they might be falling behind. 's rate will be better. I may move over subsequently. / rd education... It wants it's post backhilarious write-up... you made my dayof the keys oneGlad I could be of service spade erection dysfunction, he wants his joke backNot hilarious.. can't do the exact same joke twiceok, i'll vanish now Well That's The item For Now I'll Beach Until at a later time. and chicken grease.